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Plan to join us on November 14th
10:00AM – 2:00PM
Virtual Expo Event for 6th-10th Grade Girls

LEAD Girls of North Carolina wants to keep girls rising, innovating and transforming—even in the face of challenges and uncertainty.

After this difficult and uncertain year, and with many challenges still ahead, we believe our girls need our support more than ever. As they navigate coming of age during a pandemic, taking on distance learning once again, separated from their friends and school, we are equipping them with tools to keep themselves mentally, physically and financially well, with fortitude and resilience…with determination and grit. Let’s grit it, girl!

Tentative Schedule:

Preparty 9:30-10:00 (Live) / Simultaneous with Parent Session from 9:00-9:45
Welcome: 10:00-10:15 (15 minutes) (Live)
Welcome to LEAD: Joy Nelson Thomas, Founder/Executive Director of LEAD
Opening Keynote Speaker(s) Pending
(All sessions are scheduled according to your group track and scheduled meetings)
10:15-11:00 (45 minutes): Session 1
11:00-11:45 (45 minutes): Session 2
11:45-12:15 (30 minutes): Lunch
Includes a short session of (Physical movement with JEY)– (Live)
12:15-1:00 (45 minutes): Session 3
1:00-1:45 (45 minutes): Session 4
1:45-2:00 (15 minutes): Let’s Grit it, Girl! Closing with author Joy Jones

Session Objectives and Descriptions:

Facilitator: Tarinna Olley, Founder of Tarinna Olley Therapeutic Services
Session Objectives: To recognize what “physical presence” looks like in various spaces; To recognize what “non-verbal presence” looks like in various spaces
Showing Up: Knowing My Spaces and Places! – In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to step into a virtual “closet” and understand how their appearance and apparel can shape the way they are viewed by themselves and others! The session will include discussions and conversation on the importance of how we “show up” in different spaces or places, why it is important, and what it communicates to those around us.
Mental Health
Facilitators: Rebekah Otallah, Pediatric Counselor Waughtown Peds- Novant
Danielle Harper, Pediatric Counselor Robinhood Peds- Novant
Session Objectives: Identify personal stressors; Recognize what triggers personal stress; Employ tools for stress management
It’s a Mentality! – This session will allow young ladies to think about ways to identify personal stressors, where those stressors stem from, and how young girls can best manage those stressors. In addition, participants will be able to have a safe space to open up and share personal perspectives of age-level stressors and understand, “It’s a Mentality!” to know and
take care of your personal mental health!
Financial Wellness
Facilitator: Amber Morris, Community Development Specialist- PNC
Session Objectives: Learn the Model of Save, Spend, and Give; Set one financial goal based on your age
#Moneygoals – Take your budget, take your list, and spend! Not so fast!!! In this workshop, girls will participate in budgeting scenarios while getting the opportunity to make real-time decisions on spending. Discussions on how to think about financial wellness and setting targets that align with short-term goals will be a focus and a take-away from the workshop. Let’s get to setting #moneygoals.

Restorative Practices
Facilitator: Dr. Angela Monell Assistant Principal, Southwest Guilford High School, certified
Eric Rainey, Owner of Restorative Well Educational Training & Consulting
Session Objectives: How to build and sustain healthy relationships; To recognize when harm or conflict has occurred in a relationship; Acquire practical language that can be used to repair harm or restore when
a conflict has occurred

#Letsrestore: “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me!” Well….words do sometimes hurt, but we can recover and restore those relationships!  While we build and strengthen our individual selves, it is also important to take care of the relationships that surround us! Come dig in and learn how simple tools of language can help us address a conflict, ease tension and repair any harm done with those “words that never hurt.”

Parent Session: Affecting with Affect

Facilitator: Dr. Angela Monell Assistant Principal, Southwest Guilford High School
Eric Rainey, Owner of Restorative Well Educational Training & Consulting

Session Objective: To introduce parents to affective language and how it is important in communication with children

Session Objective: To share strategies that can be used to repair harm or restore when a conflict has occurred

Restorative Practices has been used as a means to develop community, manage tension and repair harm in relationships. Come hear about communicating and the importance of affective language in daily relationships. Learn how to support your child by creating a space where she is more open to talking, sharing her opinion and you are planting the seeds to foster a more empathetic, reflective, restorative young lady with GRIT!



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