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LEAD empowers girls to make good decisions. Good decisions allow girls to build a successful future. 

We offer our flagship girls leadership program in two versions: the LEAD Program, offered at local middle schools, and Community LEAD, open to middle school students from any local school and hosted at our downtown office. We partner with schools and community organizations to give at-risk, middle school girls a safe space for learning and growth.

Over the course of a semester, we build a relationship with each girl and guide them through an evidence-based curriculum formed around Awareness, Communications, Leadership and Perspective, our four core fundamentals.

Our Approach: Empowering girls to succeed, because every girl can.

Our girls leadership program is a structured, multi-session workshop series. Over the course 8 to 10 sessions (depending on the school and the time allotted to each session), we use dialogue-focused sessions to: engage girls in deep thinking and active communication about their challenges, goals and aspirations; teach age-appropriate financial literacy, career exploration and academic success strategies; perform community service projects and instill and nurture a desire to “give back” and “be doers” in their community.

The LEAD Program and Community LEAD serve over 200 middle school girls in Forsyth county during the school year. LEAD Program sessions are hosted on-site at partner schools. Community LEAD sessions take place at our office’s LEAD Room, a workshop and creator space.

Evidence-Based Curriculum
We utilize the One Circle Foundation’s Girls Circle curriculum as the framework for our classroom training. The curriculum is the first gender-responsive program in the country to demonstrate effectiveness in reducing delinquency for girls, and is included on SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs.

With guidance from credentialed experts and model developers, we tailor our workshop topics and program content as needed to meet the specific needs and challenges of girls enrolled in the program. Because not every girl faces the same challenges nor has had the same life experiences based solely on her age, our team is mindful of girls’ differences and we adjust program content accordingly, without affecting the efficacy of the program model.

Program Cost
The cost to participate in LEAD Girls of NC is minimal, and we continually strive to make our programs affordable for each and every girl who wants to be a LEAD Girl. With grants and other financial support from our partners and donors, LEAD Girls is able to subsidize our program costs and offer a sliding scale fee for participants in several of our programs. Currently the cost varies depending on the program location.  We have scholarship opportunities for girls who wish to participate in LEAD Girls of NC but who are unable to afford the program fee.

Results: LEAD is making a difference!
Over 90% of participants report being more confident setting goals, working better with others and motivated to do good things. More than 8 in 10 participants (87%) report feeling connected to their families and 78% feel more connected to their community. On average, about 2 in 3 girls report doing better academically after completing our leadership program.

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