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Interns, Volunteers & Mentors

Organization Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for recruiting, training and coordinating the LEAD volunteers, setting dates and times and organization of materials needed, coordinating administrative duties with the LEAD president.
  • Finance Coordinator: Support the LEAD president with finance management duties and some administrative coordination. Bookkeeping background highly desirable.
  • Community Outreach/Social Media Coordinator: Responsible for managing regular updates of all LEAD social media channels, keeping LEAD active, updating pictures of each LEAD meeting and other activities.
  • Legal Counsel: Pro bono legal counsel to support LEAD’s growth and to offer legal advice as needed.
  • Event Coordinator: Responsible for planning community events and service projects for LEAD participants. Support the Board and fundraising volunteers to produce the Silent Auction benefit in December, and the LEAD Banquet at the end of May.
  • Research/ Data analysis: Responsible for creating entrance and exit survey, analyzing data. Graduate student(s) welcome!