LEAD Academy

LEAD Academy offers literacy skills building and expands our capabilities to address our participants’ most critical education needs.

Why LEAD Academy? Why now?

As LEAD Girls began our fourth year operating LEAD programs at Forsyth County middle schools, we knew the time was right to expand our capabilities in response to critical education needs among our participant population of middle school girls.

With so many girls in our partner school sites struggling with literacy, and recognizing the foundational role that literacy plays to support all other academic success, we partnered with Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy (Winston-Salem Prep) to pilot a balanced literacy program in our new LEAD Academy at their school. LEAD Academy supports Winston-Salem Prep’s reading goal of ensuring that over 90% of students will read on or above grade level.

LEAD Academy will serve girls at Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy in grades 6-8. The girls will be identified by the school representatives and participate one day per week in academically engaging activities focused on literacy. This semester’s anchor text is “Genesis Begins Again,” by Alicia D. Williams. This text is relatable to the young ladies and will allow them to share time with young Genesis who faces her own challenges with family, peers and in her community; however, she begins to learn the greatness of herself.

The LEAD Academy will run for 16 weeks. Week 1 will begin with a pre-assessment, week 7 there will be a benchmark assessment and week 15 will end with a post-assessment to determine student growth. As a pilot program, our goal is to support and reinforce the school’s literacy goal by focusing and offering programming that uses balanced-literacy, standards-based instructional strategies and building vocabulary that will manifest across all content areas. It is our hope that the supplemental programming will translate into growth and improved skills across content areas for those students we choose to LEAD.

Target Goal: 100 Middle School girls

Assessment/ Method: At the onset of the program, the students will begin with a pre-assessment done online through Read Theory.com. This will provide Lexile levels as well as correlate grade levels for students. This will serve as a baseline as students will receive standards-based instruction and vocabulary focused instruction using word stems and standards that correlate with the 2019-2020 middle-school pacing guide. In addition to the standards, the questions and group discourse will focus on critical thinking, conversations and using supportive evidence as they explain their answers.

State Standards: The state-standards used for this program correlate specifically to the standards that the girls are learning in the classroom. The intentionality and focus of this is to directly impact the girls by using interactive, high-impact practices and reinforcing standards that are already being seen by them in the classroom on a daily basis.

Results: LEAD is making a difference!

Over 90% of participants report being more confident setting goals, working better with others and motivated to do good things. More than 8 in 10 participants (87%) report feeling connected to their families and 78% feel more connected to their community. On average, about 2 in 3 girls report doing better academically after completing our leadership program.



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