Program Workshops

Our Program Principles

LEAD Girls are preteen girls who aspire to greatness despite their circumstances. Our program is formed around four core principles:


These fundamental principles guide the development of skills and the cultivation of traits that are needed to empower, educate, elevate and encourage girls to realize their full potential.

Explore the Fall/Winter 2018 Workshop Schedule

Fall 2018 Agenda: September– December

All workshops will be held at LEAD Girls suite located in the Lowery Building, 500 West 4th Street Suite 203 Winston Salem NC 27101


September 22, 2018:

Introductions and Connecting with Others:

  • Help girls become aware of themselves
  • Explore expressing themselves in groups
  • Experience empathy and commonalities with each other
  • Using the workbook/journal
  • LEAD Girls incentive: Lead Girls T-shirt

October 6, 2018:

“Labels”-Exploring New Perspectives

  • Review of workbook/journal
  • Explore labeling and stereotyping, girls experience being in one another’s shoes
  • Promote empathy amongst girls
  • LEAD Girls incentive: N/A

October 20, 2018:
Expressing Myself

  • Reflecting on the assumptions people make about girls
  • Girls imagine being seen and accepted for who they are
  • Help girls find a “voice” to aspects of themselves to foster pride and respect
  • LEAD Girls incentive: N/A


November 3, 2018:

Accepting all Different Parts of Myself

  • Review of workbook/journal
  • Girls learn acceptance and respect for the many different parts of themselves
  • Girls express secretive and hidden parts of themselves to develop compassion and forgiveness
  • LEAD Girls incentive: N/A

November 17,2018:
Cultivating Respect

  • Promote respect and equality
  • Practice social graces and mannerisms of politeness and respect
  • Comprehend the essences of giving and receiving
  • LEAD Girls incentive: N/A

December 1, 2018:

Giving Voice to feeling Part 1

  • Review of journal
  • Give voice to feelings that may be unsolved/confusing
  • Alternative method to self-querying to express or resolve a concern
  • Tap into inner wisdom and guidance
  • Identify and name different types of feelings, and explore physical components of feelings
  • LEAD Girls incentive: N/A

December 8, 2018:

Romantic Relationships: What is It Worth?

  • Learn self-respect in relationships
  • Connection between healthy relationships and self-esteem
  • “Myths” and “illusions” about romantic relationships
  • Examine healthy versus unhealthy relationships
  • Importance of self
  • LEAD Girls incentive: N/A

December 22, 2018:

Girl Fights or Girlfriends?

  • Review of workbook/journal
  • Discussion about girls “hating on each other” over romantic interest
  • Boy/ partner accountability for actions
  • LEAD Girls incentive: N/A

Spring 2019 Workshop Schedule: February to May


Goals For The Future



Cultural Values & Who I AM 



Coping With Stress



 Internet Safety 



Girls & Mental Health


 Drug Prevention Part 1



Romantic Relationships: What is It Worth?



Girl Fights or Girlfriends?



Additional Events

To be scheduled:

  • Community Service Day: Partner with Humane Society of Winston Salem.
  • Community Service Day: Community partner to be determined.
  • LEAD Girls Lapel Pin Ceremony: After two community service activities have been completed.
  • College Life/Perspective: The ILead Program at Salem College will partner with LEAD Girls to show them college life including a meal in the café on campus.
  • Monthly Junior Board Meetings: LEAD Girls are elected unto an executive committee by their peers and meet monthly to discuss the program and suggest enhancements.

Non-Discrimination Statement

No person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any program or activity available at Lead Girls of North Carolina on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, creed, political belief, age, national origin, linguistic and language difference, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, height, weight, marital or familial status, or disability.