What People Are Saying About LEAD Girls of NC

Dustin K. Johnson

Joy Nelson has been instrumental in childhood development, female mentoring and giving back to her community. The students really respect that her mentoring is not a one time deal but an on going journey. We are very pleased to have Lead Girls of NC and their founder Joy Nelson volunteer here at High School Ahead Academy.

Dustin K. Johnson | Health Teacher, High School Ahead Academy

Abriana Kimbrough

Joy, it is very refreshing to have positive women in the community like you,
uplifting our young girls. Thank you for co-sponsoring our wait-list activity...the girls really enjoyed the session and learned a lot from the activities.

Abriana Kimbrough | Program Specialist
Big Brothers Big Sisters Services

Eureka Nance, School Social Worker

I want to thank you for LEAD Girls of NC mentoring to our female students for that last two years. Your agency has built positive relationships with our students. Students’ self-esteem has increased, they understand their self-worth, and they leave mentoring with a goal setting mindset. Our school is grateful to have your agency providing a caring and loving environment for our students.
Eureka Nance | School Social Worker
High School Ahead Academy

Jameshia Hunter, School Counselor

The LEAD Girls of NC program has had a positive impact on our school community. I selected girls that I knew needed a positive role model for various reasons. Some of the girls were in a lot of drama, some got into fights and most had self-esteem issues. Since working the LEAD Girls of NC, I can see a major change in these young ladies. The ones who frequently visited my office on daily basis for conflicts or behavior no longer do so. The ones who were shy and would never ask for anything have now come to me to ask for help with applying to Magnet High Schools. The ones who had attendance and academic issues have started coming to school more and pulling up their grades. If I see any of the member of Allen’s NC Lead Girls, they always say, “Mrs. Hunter, we are meeting with Lead Girls NC on Monday right?” As a counselor, it gives me pleasure to know that Lead Girls NC is there as a support to my students. I wish LEAD could meet with all of the female students at my school. LEAD Girls’ dedication to our communities and schools is nothing short of extraordinary.
Jameshia Hunter | School Counselor
Allen Middle School (Guilford County)


LEAD Girls has helped me open up and it helped me find out what makes me special.
-Proud LEAD Girl


What am I learning at LEAD Girls? I am learning I don’t have to worry about what people think of me.

Fanetta, Mother of a LEAD Girl

Thank you for your passion to give back and pour love, empowerment and leadership into our girls. I know this has to be a passion of yours. To work with teenage girls is not an easy task. I have to say that since my daughter has been a part of LEAD, I have noticed her coming out of her shell a lot more. Her interest in different things has grown. When she came home from the STEM workshop, she had a smile on her face saying she had a great time. I want to commend you and encourage you to continue to walk in your vision and continue to motivate, stimulate and uplift our girls because they are truly blessed to have you as a part of their lives.

Melissa Shuff Wilson

The Lead Girls of NC program is lovely. My girls Briana and Brittany have learned life skills, values, budgeting, and to love themselves unconditionally. Having confidence and compassion is a key part of life. LEAD Girls also teaches them to be ambitious, courteous, and humble. I congratulate and thank Mrs. Joy Nelson-Thomas for giving all the girls love and support. I have seen a difference in my girls’ motivation to learn and their confidence. Mrs. Nelson-Thomas is going to be blessed for keeping the girls busy, pushing them to stay on a positive road to success and be ambitions with their goals. She is giving them the tools needed to make it in this world as young women with plenty of hope, love and being taught to be yourself in a judgment free environment. Thank You Lead Girls of North Carolina.

Pleased Mother

I am a parent who is always searching for activities to enhance my daughter's personal and academic growth, and LEAD girls is an outstanding curriculum-based program meets my expectations and much more. The workshops introduce and promote skills to effectively address the many challenges adolescent females may encounter.
LEAD girls provide opportunities for the adolescent girls to give back to the community by volunteering in fashion shows, participating in walk-a-thons and donating items/feeding those in need. The program offer positive activities that nurture the girls to grow in mentally and physically. LEAD girls teach adolescent females to transform into productive young adults.
Joy Nelson-Thomas, founder of LEAD girls, is the ideal role model. She has a caring and loving attitude with each girl. Mrs. Nelson-Thomas displays exemplary character, as a female entrepreneur and gives herself 100%.
I recommend this program for any adolescent girl, because it builds their character to be their best and empowers them to LEAD.


What does LEAD Girls mean to me? LEAD Girls means protection to me.


What does LEAD Girls mean to me? LEAD Girls means Diversity to me.

Additional Events

To be scheduled:

  • Community Service Day: Partner with Humane Society of Winston Salem.
  • Community Service Day: Community partner to be determined.
  • LEAD Girls Lapel Pin Ceremony: After two community service activities have been completed.
  • College Life/Perspective: The ILead Program at Salem College will partner with LEAD Girls to show them college life including a meal in the café on campus.
  • Monthly Junior Board Meetings: LEAD Girls are elected unto an executive committee by their peers and meet monthly to discuss the program and suggest enhancements.