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Your support changes the lives of at-risk girls and makes our work–and our success–possible. We deeply appreciate every donation to further LEAD’s mission.


You can make a one-time gift or opt to make your donation recurring each month. Monthly gifts are a great way to spread out a larger donation and sustain our work throughout the year.


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Why do we ask for your employer?

Sharing your employer is optional. It allows us to check whether your employer offers a matching gift program to DOUBLE your gift with a donation from your employer.

The impact of your gift: examples of how we put donations to work!

$25 Donation
A $25 gift provides 2 LEAD Girls curriculum workbooks
25.00 USD

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$50 Donation
A $50 gift will fund lunch for a LEAD sessions
50.00 USD

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$100 Donation
A $100 gift sponsors A LEAD Girl
100.00 USD

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$250 Donation
A $250 gift will fund an enriching college campus tour for 5 girls.
250.00 USD

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